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What is brow microblading?

Eyelash enhancement is a slippery slope. First, you spend hundreds of dollars in search of the perfect mascara. Then you start waking up early to apply false lashes every morning. And if you're still not satisfied, you fully commit to your fringe and take the plunge to get eyelash extensions. If you haven't tried them yet, brace yourself for a full-blown addiction.

Let me guess: You're here because you fill your brows in every day, you're kinda over it, aaaand you're officially considering microblading, the semi-permanent form of brow tattooing. But if the idea of microblading scares you too much to try it (there's something about permanent makeup that feels so…permanent), don't psych yourself out. Not only does process hurt way less than you think, but the results don't actually last forever—which is great news if you're on the fence.


Booking Fee and Cancellation Policy

Upon booking your first appointment, a non-refundable booking fee is required to secure your appointment. The fee will be deducted from the the total cost of your appointment; the remaining balance will be due on you appointment day via CASH or CHECK only. Your booking fee is non-refundable. Please be sure about your appointment day and time before booking. If you are unable to make your appointment, you MUST give a 24 hour notice to avoid forfeiting your booking fee. Cancellations under 24 hours will result in a 25% fee and NOT giving any notice or no showing your appointment will be result in 100% fee. This pays for the time that was set aside for you and your appointment. By booking you fully understand the Booking Fee and Cancellation Fee Policy and hereby forfeit your Booking Fee to secure your appointment spot. 

Please arrive on time. Arriving more than 15 minutes late to your appointment will equal to a last minute cancellation and will result in a forfeit of your booking fee and a new booking fee will be required to reschedule.


By booking, you certify that you have read the content of this consent and you fully understand its contents.


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57 East Main Street 2nd Floor Suite 211                      Westborough, MA 

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